Teacher Bully: Elementary School in Dallas

TEACHER BULLY: Elementary School in Los Dallas.
October 22, 2022

Is it equal for special education students? Disabled students face a lot of challenges. Bullying, timeout, seclusion, and restraint.

What’s in the news?

October 20, 2022.
Ex-Dallas ISD teacher’s aide arrested for allegedly slamming elementary student with autism to ground
by WFAA-TV, Dallas, Texas, Tegna, Inc.

What’s the story?

Tegna’s Dallas ABC station WFAA reported that a former teacher’s aide at the Dallas Independent School District is charged with slamming a special education student to the ground in September 2022.

The 54 year old aide was charged with one count of injury to a child with intent of bodily injury.

She worked at Larry G. Smith Elementary School on September 21, 2022, when she picked up a 7 year old autistic stident and slammed the student to the ground, as shown on classroom security footage.

The school launched an internal investigation days later and the female aide resigned on September 23, 2022.

Weeks later, the autistic boy’s foster parents saw the footage, and they decided to press charges.

WFAA notes that they did speak on camera and didn’t want to use their last names or show the boy’s face. They told WFAA that the boy has a learning delay. They hope to adopt the boy.

The parents said that the son was swinging his backpack nonthreateningly and the aide stopped it.

The teacher then called the principal.

The parents were told that “restraint” was being reviewed.

The foster mother said that the autistic child is nonverbal

The parents saw the footage on Monday, October 17, and had Dallas Police Department review the case.

A warrant was issued on Wednesday, October 19 after an officer told the parents there is enough evidence.

Included in the story?

No. Justified in that the potential foster parents declined to use their last names and the child was never identified in the story other than 7 year old “boy with autism”.


Is this the Least Restrictive Environment?

The victim is identified as a special education student, which means he is not in the least restrictive environment, which is defined as being with non-disabled students for the maximum amount possible.

This particular classroom has a teacher’s aide. Because of this case, the school likely found a new teacher’s aide.

What needs to change?

Stop abusing autistic students. Stop delaying justice.

In terms of child abuse laws, the teacher did the right thing by calling the principal. Unfortunately, the principal did not call police, and should be charged as a mandatory reporter for failing to report,

This is an example of why:

Autistics don’t trust the system because it fails to protect us.

It took weeks for resolution. It should have been faster. Why should the student trust this school for failing to protect him?

Fortunately, the officer found the evidence supports the fact that the school security footage did show that the autistic 7 year old is the victim here.

Playing around with a backpack can cause injury, but injury is not the response to it for anyone.