Exceptional Service: Serving Coffee

Exceptional Service: Serving Coffee
October 19, 2022

What’s the story?

LOCAL NEWS‘: Seeing the smiles on their faces is the best part’: Luxemburg-Casco offers one-of-a-kind program to students with special needs
by WFRV-TV Green Bay, Wisconsin, Nexstar Media Group.

Were special education students included in the story?

Yes. One student was interviewed and was quoted in the website version of the story. She plans to go to college for a culinary degree to become a baker.

What’s in the news?

Luxemburg-Casco High School in the Green Bay suburb of Luxemburg, Wisconsin, has a special education program to have disabled students serve coffee to nondisabled teachers for work experience. This is a Positively Wisconsin story by CBS affiliate WFRV-TV.

The intellectual disability program brew and serve coffee Tuesday mornings. Ella Wesel is a student interviewed for the story. saying she is happy to be in the class and plans to be a baker with plans to get a college culinary diploma.

The program has the purpose to provide real work experience to special education students. Studentss otate through the tasks every week and charge one dollar per cup.

Their teacher plans to help students from other schools do the same.

Does it say “inclusion”?
The TV station identifies the intelectual disability program. It is just a coffee cart. No branding, as of this story.

Is it for the student? Or is it for the teacher?
Once again, special education students serve teachers, which is not their job.

Is This the Least-Restrictive Environment?
Definitely not. They are not with their general education peers who don’t serve coffee to their teachers.

What needs to change?
It is not the student’s job to serve coffee and other coffee shop beverages to their teachers.

Is it for a high school diploma?
The student interviewed talks about getting a culinary diploma. Entering college does require a diploma. She may be on a track to get a diploma. The story focused on one student. The reporter probably used the best case of those willing to be interviewed.