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Included in the story? No.

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Typpies trying to tell us how to refer to ourselves byu/thetoiletslayer inevilautism

evilautism at Reddit

My year 11 history teacher started infantilising me after she found out I was autistic :( byu/Ok-Membership3343 inevilautism For autistics, in all aspects of life, being treated as a child…

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I HATE being sped byu/ThelegendofBinkus inspecialed A student hates the pity, the lack of a social life, and being made fun of for it.

specialed at Reddit

SPED Teacher is the worst position in education byu/DiceBoysPlayerRed inspecialed ceBoysPlayerRed: If you are thinking about becoming a SPED teacher, don’t. It’s awful. Every district is dysfunctional. Every year is…

Teacher Bully: Elementary School in Santa Ana

https://www.foxla.com/news/santa-ana-elementary-teacher-seen-verbally-abusing-special-needs-students-families-say Included in the story? NO. What needs to change? Stop abusing special education students and disabled people in general.

Exceptional Service: Serving Coffee

Student-run café opens in Corona – CBS Los Angeles (cbsnews.com) Were special education students included in the story? NO.  A student and teacher were interviewed, but special education isn’t mentioned.…