Exceptional Service: Serving Coffee

WTMJ-TV Milwaukee, Wisconsin [E.W. Scripps[

Were disabled adults included in the story? Yes.

Does it say “inclusion”? Yes. Literally, “The Inclusive Bean”..

Who told the story? Multimedia journalist.

Effect on story? Health reporters focus on the medical aspects. Previous stories I’ve discussed here tend to include medical statistics.

Whose story is it? Instead of focusing on the founders, this story focused on the employees, and why there work here.

The main point that one employee makes is that his previous jobs because they were limited in responsibilities, such assembly line and janitorial work.

However, like a health reporter, the multimedia journalist mentioned the employees learning skills. Isn’t that what special education is for?

The founder, who is also the principal of a special education school,

It is heartwarming to see a special education school principal is working to undo the damage of the system she leads.

However, she is still causing the damage, and replacing her as principal won’t fix things, because as I note int he podcast (future seasons scripted but not recorded) that the premise behind the law must change.

So, she took the first step in the right direction, which is the highest form of praise I can give in this series.