Culture Barrier: Inclusion

Culture Barrier: Inclusion
April 5, 2022

April 5, 2022
Chuck E. Cheese brings back ‘Sensory Sensitive Sundays’ program to help kids with autism
by KABC-TV Los Angeles, CA. The Walt Disney Company.

Included in the story? No. Spokesperson for the Lynwood, California location is quoted.

What’s the story?

Chuck E. Cheese relaunched “Sensory Sensitive Sundays”, which takes place at 8am Sunday mornings.

Spokesperson for Lynwood, CA, location described the environment as having low music and dimmer lights and no crowds.

The company is also running an Autism Speaks campaign, using the round-up method to purchases.

April 3, 2022
Local kids participate in Chuck E. Cheese’s Sensory Sensitive Sunday as part of Autism Awareness Month
by WXIA-TV Atlanta, GA. Tegna, Inc.

Included in the story? No. Quotes from executives from Chuck E. Cheese’s parent company and Autism Speaks, and a mother.

What’s the story?

A mother interviewed by WXIA-TV Atlanta said it was good.

The Center for Autism and Related Disorders is part of the partnership, although donations go to Autism Speaks.

April 4, 2022.
Chuck E. Cheese opens early for children with autism
by WAGA-TV Atlanta, GA. Fox Corporation

Included in the story?
No. A mother was quoted.

Does it say “inclusion”?
“Sensory Sensitive Sunday”.

Sunday mornings at 8am.

This means that autistics are accepted 2 hours per month at participating locations, for what is essentially a private party. Locations not participating are sending the message that autistics aren’t welcome by not participating.

It is also segregation, because autistics are welcome at a time when it isn’t open to the public.

What needs to change?
Be sensitive, all of the time. A quieter environment would be helpful for everyone. It may not be necessary to tone down to Sensory Sensitive Sunday levels, but real inclusion would make this event unnecessary.