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Are children with disabilities equal as special education students? Is special education equal for special education students? Special Education is defined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. It requires a Free Appropriate Public Education for disabled students. Special education and related services are provided via an Individualized Education Program. The program places a child in the Least Restrictive Environment, defined as being in a regular classroom alongside nondisabled peers. However, the child may end up enduring Excessive Transportation and a harsher Student Code of Conduct, facing Timeout , Seclusion and sometimes Restraint, because of behavior treated as caused by a manifestation of the disability and not the environment, and may not always participate in Physical Education, and Graduation. What does the law say? What needs to change in the law? How does this law impact my life? Podcast coming soon. Visit the website at I’m David Potter. I Survived Special Education: Not a Joke.

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