Teacher Bully: Knife in California

KABC-TV Los Angeles, CA [Disney]

Were special education students included in the story?

YES. The child victim of a special education aide was interviewed and identified in text and the video report.

KABC reports that a 7th grader, age 12, accidentally hit a teacher’s aide with a ball during physical education class in Inglewood, and the aide responded with a knife. Although apparently the aide intended to pop the ball instead of returning it, the student took it as possible stabbing. Even a general education student would be reported to police for doing the same thing.

A statement from the school district says that the aide was apprehended after the incident was reported first to a school security guard by the student, then to school police and city police.

The aide created a bad situation for the school.

If the aide intended to pop the ball, it could involve destroying school property.

More important, the school is responsible for the student’s safety, in regular classes and special education classes.

So, this student did survive special education.

It is also likely that the aide himself accidentally hit someone with a ball (except for dodgeball) in the past, as a child or adult, while playing a ball game. Maybe the balls he owns for ball games should be popped (or destroyed based on the material they are made from)  in addition to other punishments. Just threatening someone with a knife is a crime, too.