Separate But Equal: Car and Star Crunch

N. Muskegon Public School students win prizes after pledging good behavior at start of the year

WZZM-TV. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tegna.

Were special education students included in the story? NO. This story is not about special education.

This post is about my similar experience in a neighboring school district during the 1980’s.I grew up in Muskegon County, Michigan.

I was in special education for most of my time in elementary school. For all years except one at the district’s second elementary school (which had a later schedule then the first elementary school which did not have special education classes), I was in a classroom with a timeout room.

One year, I was across the hall and there was no timeout room.

Instead, we were given points.

I don’t remember the frequency of the classroom store, weekly or monthly.

I do remember buying Star Crunch cookies which were among small items like stickers and other small toys and possibly other cookies and candy.

A special education student in high school, just for being in special education, may or may not be allowed to participate in programs with general education students, including a behavior program where a car is awarded.

I can see this as similar to a special education behavior program, but it emphasizes rewards over punishment (timeout room).

What needs to change? Include special education students if they don’t already in these programs.