Teacher Bully: All Schools in Wyoming

Teacher Bully: All Schools in Wyoming
November 17, 2022

Is it equal for special education students? Disabled students face a lot of challenges. Bullying, timeout, seclusion, and restraint.

What’s in the news?

November 16, 2022
Bill Would Punish Wyoming Teachers, School Staffers Who Bully Students
by Cowboy State Daily, Wyoming.

What’s the story?

The Wyoming Legislature’s Joint Education Committee votes to apply anti-bullying policies to school employees, volunteers, and anyone with contact with students, in addition to the exist policies for students.

The bill is a result on an incident in the Cheyenne area.

The government relations director of the Wyoming Education Association said that the group is in favor of adding parents to the list. Ultimately, the committee decided to not add parents to the list. The committee discussed examples of parental bullying.

Voting tally is 14-0, with language requiring school districts to investigate anonymous reports of bullying.

Included in the story?

NO. Special education students may not have been present at the committee meeting.


Is this the Least Restrictive Environment?

This is about all students in all schools in the state of Wyoming.

What needs to change?

The Wyoming Legislature is taking the first step in the right direction.

This is an example of why:

Bullying policies must apply to everyone at school. Nobody is above the law.